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Canon EOS R6
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  •  Sounddevices 552 5-input field production mixer, built-in two-channel recorde...
    3'806.00 CHF
  •  Sounddevices 633 6-input compact mixer with integrated 10-track recorder, tim...
    4'084.00 CHF
  •  Sounddevices 664 12-input field production mixer, 16 tracks recording, time c...
    5'570.00 CHF
  •  SOUND DEVICES 702T Portable time code-enabled digital audio recorder, 2-chann...
    statt vorher
    3'399.00 CHF
    2'719.20 CHF
  •  Sounddevices MM-1 Single channel, battery powered microphone preamplifier wit...
    742.00 CHF
  •  Sounddevices MP-1 Portable, single channel microphone preamplifier
    649.00 CHF
  •  Sounddevices XL-2F XLR-F to TA3-F cable, package of two cables
    101.00 CHF