AD-5 Hirose 4-pin male — 2-channel switched Hirose female, 30cm length
AD-5X Hirose auf 4-Kanal Switch-Hirose (30cm)
AD-NP1 Dummy NP1 battery with integral XLR 4-pin male and 2.1mm jack (BP90) sockets
AD-XLR XLR 4-pin - 4x XLR 4-pin (female) Power Adaptor
Hawk-Woods DC-1D1 - 45cm Power-Con 2-pin (male) -- kompatibel mit Canon 1DC / 1DX
DC-5D1T Power-Con 2-pin (male) — Canon 5D (Time Lapse) 45cm 8V
DC-5D1X Power-Con 2-pin (male) — Canon 5D 70cm 8V
Hawk-Woods DC-D800 - Power-Con 2-pin (male) — Nikon D800 45cm 8V
GC-2 Power-con (male) - 15cm - Power-Con x2 (F) - Hirose (F) Clip On (15mm)
GC-2A Power-con (male) - 30cm - Power-Con x2 (F) - Hirose (F) Clip On (15mm)
GC-4 Power-con(male) - 15cm -  Power-con x4 (F) Clip On (15mm)
GC-4A Power-con(male) - 30cm -  Power-con x4 (F) Clip On (15mm)

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