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Professional 3 Axis
Stabilized Handheld Gimbals
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  •  AJA 4K2HD 4K to HD down-conversion Mini-Converter
    statt vorher
    795.00 CHF
    755.25 CHF
  •  AJA Audio A/D and D/A Converter, 4-ch. Bi-directional, balanced XLR
    statt vorher
    390.00 CHF
    370.50 CHF
  •  AJA HELO Stream, Record, Deliver H.264 at the Touch of a Button
    statt vorher
    1'295.00 CHF
    1'230.25 CHF
  •  AJA KONA 4 - 4K,2K,3G/Dual Link/HD/SD I/O, 10-bit PCIe Card, HDMI output with...
    1'995.00 CHF
  •  3G-AM-BNC 3G-SDI 8-ch. AES Embed/Disembed, bal. BNC, USB MiniConfig support
    795.00 CHF
  •  1x6 3G/HD/SD Reclocking Distribution Amplifier
    395.00 CHF
  •  Aja AJ-2007 UDC SD/HD/3G/down/cross conversion, 2-ch, unbalanced audio output
    695.00 CHF
  •  Audio Breakout cable 25 SubD to 4 Male and 4 Female XLR Model: R AC MF 25-4/4
    184.00 CHF
  •  5V-Steckernetzteil 230V AC für D-5/10 Konverter
    75.00 CHF