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    Details: Litepanels Übergrosse Snapbag Softbox für Astra 1x1 inkl. div. Frontdiffusoren und Tasche
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    Litepanels übergrosse Snapbag Softbox für Astra 1x1 inkl. div. Frontdiffusoren und Tasche


    Litepanels adds the Brand New Snapbag Oversized Softbox to its Accessory Portfolio

    Litepanels has teamed up with DoP Choice and the Rag Place to provide an oversized softbox that’s perfect for customers and users looking to provide a larger source of light and further soften the Astra’s Output - the Snapbag Oversized Softbox.

    This must-have softbox allows users to illuminate a surface area that is almost double the parameter of the Astra, effectively turning the 1x1 into a 2x1. On the inside, the 3D baffle spreads the light to all corners to provide an even light source. Finally the Snapbag's hard silver lining helps direct and intensify the Astra's beam of light before it is pushed through the diffusion.

    This new Snapbag Softbox complements the Astra Soft Bi-Color or any member of the Astra family of LED Panels and includes (2) Front Diffusers (1/2 & Magic), 3D Baffle (1/4) and a Carry Bag.

    There is also a 40° Snapgrid available to help provide directional soft lighting, making this Softbox an essential part of your customers' lighting solutions.

    The installed size is - L 78cm/31in - W 59 cm/23 in - H 42 cm/17 in.