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  •  S-2240F
    statt vorher
    99.00 CHF
    69.30 CHF
  •  SWIT Ball Diffusor für 50W LED Leuchte S-2620, Bi-Flex, Bi-Color
    45.00 CHF
  •  SWIT CL-120D | 2:1 120W 3700Lux Bi-color DMX SMD LED Panel Light
    590.00 CHF
  •  SWIT S-2241 20W, 640Lux@1m; 120° beam angle 3200-5600K adjust; CRI?92; TLCI?97
    190.00 CHF
  •  SWIT Studio LED spot light, with Chip-on-board LEDs of 50,000 hours lifetime,...
    1'057.00 CHF
  •  SWIT S-2410C Ultraflaches, rundes, dimmbares Bicolor LED Panel. Speisung über...
    statt vorher
    631.00 CHF
    631.00 CHF
  •  SWIT S-2420C, 40W Bi-color Edge SMD Panel LED light. Very soft and shadeless...
    493.00 CHF
  •  SWIT S-2610 | 100W 2400Lux Flexible Light, V-mount
    499.00 CHF
  •  SWIT S-2620 | 50W 1200Lux Flexible Light, V-mount
    399.00 CHF