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    Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large

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    Details: Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit, Large
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    634.50 CHF
    634.50 CHF
    zzgl. 7.7% MwSt.
    Rycote Cyclone Windshield Kit, Gross für Mikrophone von 250-280mm & Durchmesser von 19-25mm.
    Cyclone Suspension, fitted with 72-shore Universal Lyres
    Cyclone cable (fitted)
    Cyclone Windshield, Large (left & right pods)
    Pair of Universal Lyres 62-shore, for lightweight microphones
    Hex key driver, for adjustment of Lyres

    An der NAB 2016 vorgestellt


    The Cyclone features a durable, lightweight design, category leading wind and shock isolation performance, with the same overall mass yet lighter in weight than modular windshield designs.
    The Cyclone introduces a unique “multi-suspension” design that provides complete isolation against handling noise and cable-borne noises, and windshield basket self-noise. In addition to the outstanding shock protection provided by the patented Rycote Lyre suspension webs, shock performance is further enhanced by the new Rycote Floating-Basket Suspension with Lyre® Technology (patent pending). This basket suspension provides a unique isolation barrier between the windshield basket and suspension that inhibits noise and vibration induced by the windshield itself from being mechanically transmitted to the primary suspension.
    The two-piece Z-Locking design magnetically affixes the basket around the microphone for instant and secure attachment to or detachment from the suspension. Increased transparency is achieved due to the cone-like shape, which vastly reduces reflective parallel surfaces and “room effect”. With the same overall mass, the unique, design shifts the overall bulk to the basket front for superior wind-noise reduction exceeding modular-style windshield / windjammer combined performance.
    In addition to the shape and structure of the Cyclone, 3D-Tex® covers the windshield exterior. This durable material combines excellent acoustic transparency with superb attenuation of wind noise.
    Optional Accessories
    Cyclone Windjammer (Large), Extension soft-grip Handle
    AKG  C568EB
    Audio-Technica  AT 4073, BP4073, AT897, AT877
    Neumann KMR 81i
    Røde NTG-1, NTG-2, NTG-3
    Sanken  CS-2, CS-3e
    Schoeps  CMIT 5U, SuperCMIT 2U
    Sennheiser  MKH 416, MKH 60, MKE 600
    Shure  VP89S
    Sony  ECM 670, ECM 678