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    312.UA80x9 1.2x EXT

    FUJINON UA80x9 1.2x EXT 4K High Power Zoom Objektiv

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    Details: FUJINON UA80x9 1.2x EXT 4K High Power Zoom Objektiv
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    FUJINON UA80x9 1.2x EXT 4K High Power Zoom Objektiv Brennweite 10.8mm - 864mm

    The UA80x9 1.2x high-power zoom lens has been developed by incorporating a 1.2x extender in the existing UA80x9, which has been well received. It achieves resolution surpassing 4K, high contrast and HDR across the entire zoom range. In addition, using the 1.2x extender, it covers the focal length from 10.8mm in wide angle to 864mm in telephoto, enabling even further telephoto shooting in relay broadcasting of sports and concerts. The floating focus system, which controls multiple lens groups in accordance with the shooting distance, minimizes performance variations caused by the change in shooting distance.



    • Advanced optical performance that enables 4K compatibility under any shooting conditions
    • Enabling further telephoto shooting by newly developed incorporating a 1.2x extender
    • 9-blade round iris enabling natural bokeh in images
    • Featuring the popular optical stabilization mechanism
    • Equipped with 16bit encoder for virtual device


    Model Name UA80x9BE SM-S35E
    Focal length 1x 9-720mm
    1.2x 10.8mm-864mm
    2x 18-1440mm
    Zoom ratio 80x
    Extender 1.2x, 2x
    Maximum relative aperture (F-no.) 1x 1.7 (9mm-350mm) 3.5 (720mm)
    1.2x 2.0 (10.8mm-420mm) 4.2 (864mm)
    Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) from front lens 3.7m
    Object dimensions at M.O.D.
    16 : 9 Aspect ratio
    1x 9mm 3301mm x 1968mm
    720mm 43mm x 24mm
    1.2x 10.8mm 3009mm x 1692mm
    864mm 37mm x 21mm
    2x 18mm 1816mm x 1021mm
    1440mm 22mm x 12mm
    Angular field of view
    16 : 9 Aspect ratio
    1x 9mm 56° 6’ x 33° 20'
    720mm 0° 46’ x 0° 26'
    1.2x 10.8mm 47°53’ x 28°0’
    864mm 0°38’ x 0°21’
    2x 18mm 29° 50’ x 17° 02'
    1440mm 0° 23’ x 0° 13'
    Dimensions (H x W x L) 258 x 264 x 610mm
    Mass 23.5kg